My Father-in-law, an update of sorts

First of all, thank you to all of you who expressed concern and sent well wishes. I am still awed by acts like that. I and my wife appreciate it more than we can say.

To catch you up, about 2 weeks ago he(fil) had what appeared to be a seaizure.So, he was rushed to the ER and admitted. Turns out he’s had a GI bleed for awhile, no one is sure how long exactly. He’s also been on blood thinners for years, not helpful when dealing with an internal bleed. On top of that he is 77 and has some form of lung cancer, biopsy was taken the other day, no word on that yet.

Since being admitted, the GI bleed has taken care of itself, he’s improved greatly from  last week. Looks like they’ll be sending him someplace to recuperate for about 2 weeks and then home.

Believer or not, it’s hard to put aside the power of prayer. Maybe it’s God interceding, or perhaps it’s a confluence of positive energy. Call it what you like, I firmly believe this was not just a random occurence. So thank you again all. If his condition changes, I will update it here.

The rest of this story is here