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Ok, so I’ve never been that fitness guy. The closest I came was when I was in the Navy and PT was mandatory. Ive never seen the reason to run (unless I was being chased). I admire people that go jogging/running everyday, it’s just not me.  Now that Im older and my knees are shot, it’s not a viable option. Well, it’s not just knees, it’s also arthritis in my spine,neck as well, add 254 pounbds to that and you see why Im not gonna run a 10k anytime soon.

So, instead I’m starting out with small things. Ive tried giving up soda before with mixed results. I always come back to it. But, with my latest visit to the dentist, it’s no longer a good thing for me to indulge in and I HATE drinking plain water. I’ve tried diet drinks juices etc to no avail. When OJ or whatever juice has as much sugar as soda does, wtf is the point really? I’ve looked into reduced sugar alternatives, but almost to a one they have nutra(tastes like shit)sweet in them. Beyond the taste is the fact that it makes me sick to use. I know it comes from sugar, but it hurts my stomach to use. I’m also not the only one that it affects in this way. Add to that list the other stuff like truvia™ and the newer stevia™, don’t like those either nor aspartame(not sure what that is now).

The upshot is it’s pretty much water or water, although vitamin water and Sobe Lifewater™ isn’t too bad and it at least makes me seem healthier for drinking. Today makes day 51 without my precious soda. For the most part I don’t miss it, maybe this time it will stick. I’ve recently cut back on coffee/caffeine as well. I think that may be the cause of my daily headaches, some kind of withdrawal?.

Something else Ive been doing is walking to get my kids from school, I’m estimating it about a little over 1/2 a mile round trip.Not great but better than the 0 miles I used to walk. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now.I’m using a pedometer to keep track.Not sure how accurate it is, so it’s more of a guesstimate. I started keeping track of the read out in a spreadsheet. I’ll post that in a few days. Some days I walk them to school as well so that’s 2 trips a day instead of 1. every little bit helps right? AT last weigh-in I was 254.4#s. My scale sucks so results may vary 🙂

In addition to all that, we’re trying to convert to a gluten free diet. Thanks to
@silknpearls for a great gluten-free ning group, which can be found here. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give props to @aranrose and her website/blog here.


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