Photoshop Composites

I’ve been playing around/learning photo-shop for awhile now and I LOVE it.It’s an incredible program. I think you could spend years and never see all of it. My plan is to spend at least an hour a day with it, learning and practicing.

Two of the projects I’ve done recently were for twitter friends. These were done solely for the practice.The first is for @verwon . Her blog can be found here.Verleen Marquee

The next one was done for @cprpoker based on the theme of Twitterpokertour or tpt.TPT2

I’ve tried to credit the people I got the graphics from. Both of these were done for non-commercial uses and the pics are subject to the Creative Commons licenses where applicable.


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Spay the damn cat(or listen to your spouse)

On behalf of all spouses, this venting/ranting post is for you. For those among us,who are dismissed by our significant others.

We are not stupid, or iunept. Sometimes (more often than not) we are right. Heaven forbid you ever listen to us though. Even when our being right is proven, you act as if you knew it all along, or worse yet, refuse to acknowledge it. It’s funny, if you had spent less time fighting us, and more time listening, you may have saved even more time over all. Who knows, you may even agree with us, and possibly save money down the road.

I’m not saying we’re always right and therefore you are always wrong. But, if you don’t listen and try it our way once in awhile, how will you ever know.

So go on, do it your way. We’ll wait here quietly for you to fail. We may even promise to not snicker outloud at your misfortune. If you continue to ignore, or belittle us, we may get to the point where we remain silent forever,and that serves no one.

The Boss has a message for you

Or. Mafia Wars is damn addicting. I played tears ago(it seems) on myspace. It sucked because well,myspace sucks, but I could never seem to recruit anyone to my family. Maybe it was just me? Hmm who knows. I tried the newest version on facebook. I’ve got a pretty good sized family and it’s growing daily. The bigger the family, the better you do. There are as many ‘secrets’ as their are people playing.

This seems to be a popular resource. Click here

NO NO Follow friday and other rants

It’s that time of week again, and I have started dreading Fridays. I know I know I shouldn’t stress about it, it’s mostly bullshit. I understand it’s not. That being said it’s all inane crap now. FF started out as a great idea. The premise was, someone wanted to recommend people he thought others should be following. Great, in theory anyway.

The practice has been bastardized to the point of being worthless. People try to list everyone, which is stupid in itself, but not nearly as bad as people that retweet the FF’s verbatim, even if they are not following you. WTF is that? You have no idea if others should follow me, but blindly clicking the RT button is just plain dumb, pointless and clogs the tweet stream.

Moving on:Someone on Twitter sent a link to THIS whackadoo article first of all on the surface it’s ludicrous. Ok, maybe there are those that are still upset about the Crusades. It happened a very long time ago, and I’m sure it was horrible.

However, anyone that knows anything about The Red Cross, should know what tremendous things they do for people they don’t even know. They do these things for no personal gain,they are what 99.999% non profit? Yes they get donations to be able to do the work they do. Most people probably never think about them until they need them.

So, to compare the Cross to something offensive is well, offensive to me. What should they be, the red blob, red square, or maybe we should adopt what they use in the Mid-east, the Red Crescent? Too damn bad if that is offensive to anyone, right? As long as we offend Christians, everyone is happy…oh yeah except for the Christians, but that’s ok.

Next  Czars in DC. The Big O is appointing people left and right. Vetting? Don’t need it. Accountability, no thanks. He’s the Prez, therefore he must know what he’s doing, right? BS.  @morticia626 Started a segment in her blog which can be found here . Go check it out.

Why Spymaster sucks

It started out as a good idea.  For a very brief time I was thinking about playing it. Like many other online games ala Mafia wars, dungeon master etc, you get points for doing things. Where spymaster, or as a friend on twitter pointed out it should be called spam master.(thanks John) So much crap is showing up in my tweet stream.

You may have seen some of these, for instance

Just bought a Makarov PM, 9x18mm. #spymaster

or : I just assassinated a diplomat. #spymaster (expand)

Here’s a new one, How about you’re playing spymaster, and I don’t give a damn about dead drops, weapons you bought, or any other BS you may be doing. Outside of your SM buddies no one gives a damn. All you’re doing is pissing off your followers. I’ve seen more than a handful of people, myself included, that are just going to stop following you. I liken this to scammers/spammer/twelebs(twitter celebs) and others. Twitascope announcements are pretty damn annoying as well. They may be the next to go, along with people that do nothing but #FF crap as well.