working on a new story.

I’ve written erotica for years now, before that (circa 85) I wrote short stories and poetry. Mostly for a creative writing class. POems were an easy way to hit the 300 word mark for Monday’s assignments. Some were good, some not so much. For the most part I can’t stand poems. What passes for poetry these days is sometimes downright disgusting. Any ass with a blog or website jots down a few words and voila! instant poem? I don’t agree. However, that’s not what this post is about.

I’m starting on a new old story. It’s ne because I haven’t ever written it yet. It’s something that’s been bouncing around for years. It’s also old because it’s something that Harry and I discussed¬† a lifetime ago(or 20 years at least).

It stemmed from when the 4 of us (Harry Myself my ex jackie and Dave) played D&D on friday or saturday nights.

It was almost always a fun time. I was still in the Navy and didn’t always get to join in as much as I’d have liked to.

One of the things we did was coin the term Heroes for hire”Boldly going where Angels fear to tread”. Essentially it meant we took on any job before us, no matter how the odds were stacked against us. Did we always win? Of course not. But we always tried. I’m sure some of you would roll your eyes over the whole D&D thing. It was more popular and I guess acceptable back in the 80’s than now.¬† It brought us together and taught us to well, play well with others.

Around this time I was heavily into scifi/fantasy books. My faves were David Eddings Belgariad series. But I read a lot of others as well. The themes usually ran around a small group of people. One was usually a sorceror/magician type (yes they are different) one was gifted with strength etc. I was always drawn to magic and dragons. So the role fell to me. Harry was the strong one of the group. Im racking my brain trying to recall who else was in the group.

This is making me crazy with prep work. I’m trying something different this time. Normally I just sit at my pc and start writing, often not even checking for typos and whatnot until I’m done. So, I’m writing out thoughts, details etc as I recall them in a notebook. It feels to write anything these days, Im so used to typing everything.

I even grabbed a notebook last night and started writing down things in my brain. I didn’t think or analyze I just let the pen be an extension of my brain, letting things tumble onto the blank paper in free fall mode. It was cathartic to a point, as well as being frustrating. The more I wrote the more questions it lead to and by default, left them unanswered for the most part.

I need to hook up with harry and go over this. He was writing his own story aptly named “Harry’s Story”

I don’t intend for my story to take way or be a rip off of his, but hopefully they will dovetail nicely, yet at the same time stand on their own. I’m excited about this project. I just hope too much time hasn’t elapsed and I can recall the things I need to to bring this long waiting story to life.

(ps Look Mr Hughes over 300 words)


It seems the Nigerian scam got a face lift

I’ve been searching for new digs. Craigslist is usually a pretty good place to at least start. BUt in the past few days it seems it is very susceptible to scumbag activity. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The latest scam seems to involve someone acting as a missionary in another country. In my case the first was in “The UK” and the one today was in Nigeria West Africa. He said he tried to find someone to leave the keys with but was unable to. So please send him the deposit and he would send me the keys(from Africa) presumably.

I went to google and the house does exist. There’s one minor flaw in this plan. Someone else actually owns the house and is trying to sell it. So, I contacted the selling agent. She seemed somewhat surprised by this revelation. This is also the second time one of her houses has fallen victim. In the other situation, she said the homeowner is pissed by people showing up to rent a house that is not for rent. Unfortunately, there isn’t much one can do. I will keep reporting them, as I find them. Not much else to do really. Except to be ever more vigilant. So, if you’re looking at triple check everything and then check again anyway.