New FF/Wp/email plugin

So I came across a new plug in called Zemanta. This is another reason I love/hate Twitter. So many people share incredible links to amazing stuff. I now have more photoshop brushes than I could use in an entire lifetime. It seems more and more I’m discovering cool things through people I follow on twitter.

Went to Barnes &Nobles tonight. First time since hmm May I think. It’s the only place to find the Photoshop mags I read. While there I found several books on how and why to use Twitter. The book I was looking for is Trust Agents by @chrisbrogan they didn’t have it, at least not where I could find it. So I’ll have to look on Amazon. I have a birthday coming up I might just add it to my ever growing wishlist there.

Zemanta works seamlessly in the background and opens when you start a new blog post or email as far as I know, it works only with Firefox for now. One cool feature is, a box containing keywords, You click them and it auto adds the link for you. Very cool!! No more digging for links.

We’ll see how this works.

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