Tweet:The Movie Day 2

So, @street3 was given $50.00 last night. I told him to not blow it all, we need financing. He must have misunderstood what I meant by banking and went to the casino instead. By the way, the slot machine is not a piggy bank Carse. Only he and God know what happened to the money. So, another day and no closer to financing the movie. Maybe we need to open up for a round of private investors?

We still need a writer and what else? Technical Director, consultant? Who knows what else. @nippleliscious kindly leant us use of the word nippleliscious, for the whole Pr0n hook. That will undoubtedly attract attention. You know who you are.

I suppose the movie should have some kind of plot as well? Decisions abound…

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2 thoughts on “Tweet:The Movie Day 2

  1. Hahaha…plot shmot…we don’t need no stinking plots… I’m looking forward to this…by the way, as for the name usage, there’s some kind of pay for that right…as in “the checks in the mail?”…:)

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