Tweet the Movie: Carse goes a ‘scoutin

Looks like Carse sobered up enough to dash off a quickie scouting report. It’s the kind of thing we here at “The tweet Movie Co.” have come to expect from him.

As for typos, well I’m not going to fix them. You can see what we have to deal with. Two words dude SPELL CHECK.

So, here it is in all it’s ummm glory

On location: Kansas

I’ve been out scouting a few locations in Kansas. God talk about a desolated piece of land. I can see why Dorothy hopped a ride on that tornado to the land of Oz. And by hopped a ride on that tornado, I mean took a shit load of acid and tripped her marry little balls off. Oklahoma is full of meth and cows, Kansas is full of meth, cows and wheat fields. Will this place be a good enough for the movie? After buying some meth from some dude (and by buying meth I mean, well fuck it, I mean I bought some meth). Now I’m really speeding, both internally and in the EXT. I take a left at a bunch of cows, pass a scarecrow (fucking pussy crows, scared of nothing), and I come upon this perfect location for the movie.

scout kansasThis spot is absolutely perfect! When I first spied that hole, the first thing I thought is, “hell I gotta stick my jimmy in that thing.” I climbed up and that hole is as big as casting director, @chrishiter’s mom’s coochie couch! Nonetheless, I believe this location can and will be perfect for, at the very least, 1 scene in the movie. Stay tuned for more movie location scouting reports!

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