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Tweet the Movie: Carse goes a ‘scoutin

Looks like Carse sobered up enough to dash off a quickie scouting report. It’s the kind of thing we here at “The tweet Movie Co.” have come to expect from him.

As for typos, well I’m not going to fix them. You can see what we have to deal with. Two words dude SPELL CHECK.

So, here it is in all it’s ummm glory

On location: Kansas

I’ve been out scouting a few locations in Kansas. God talk about a desolated piece of land. I can see why Dorothy hopped a ride on that tornado to the land of Oz. And by hopped a ride on that tornado, I mean took a shit load of acid and tripped her marry little balls off. Oklahoma is full of meth and cows, Kansas is full of meth, cows and wheat fields. Will this place be a good enough for the movie? After buying some meth from some dude (and by buying meth I mean, well fuck it, I mean I bought some meth). Now I’m really speeding, both internally and in the EXT. I take a left at a bunch of cows, pass a scarecrow (fucking pussy crows, scared of nothing), and I come upon this perfect location for the movie.

scout kansasThis spot is absolutely perfect! When I first spied that hole, the first thing I thought is, “hell I gotta stick my jimmy in that thing.” I climbed up and that hole is as big as casting director, @chrishiter’s mom’s coochie couch! Nonetheless, I believe this location can and will be perfect for, at the very least, 1 scene in the movie. Stay tuned for more movie location scouting reports!

Tweet the Movie: Day 3

So, things are progressing really well here at Casa De Tweet Movie. @pokerplasm is back (thank you Carmen Sandiego).Read more here.

@street3 is planning a 5 day traveling bender location scouting trip. We’re going to need places to film.

The money is coming along. @pokerplasm has a potential investor from Dubai and I was contacted out ofn the blue by someone on Twitter offering to help, thanks @morphius1375.  The board will have to vote on your addition to the team. That is once the board is officially formed. Speaking of which, welcome @JDvB to the team, as well as @lordschmindie as the Head Writer(should he accept our more than generous offer of profits/stock shares and all the beer he can drink(in an hour). That’s generous right? After all Carse asked for his own chickenmethlab trailer plus a budget for umm what he called local talent? I’m not sure what that means. We’ll have legal look into it (side note: hire a legal team). Like I said, running like a well lubed hooker err well oiled machine.

We’ve been kicking around plot ideas and titles. We’re not really close to having an answer on any of them. @JDvb just took on the mantle of Standards and Practices. We’re all sure she is the most qualified of the bunch for that office. We’re all pulling for her.

Some of the Title ideas thus far are(In no particular order)

Brokeback Donk: the story of @street3 and his male companion err friend and a seedy hotel room at WSOP.

Tango & Carse starring @street3 and @kingsteve: the story  about @street3 ‘s struggles to find a life, & @kingsteve ‘s love for fascists. its an intiguing plot. (ed note:I claim no responsibility for these titles or plots).

Some other ideas are @street3’ mom does everyone. Also form @chrishiter  “My gay pirate shirt doesn’t make me gay”

I don’t think we’ll use that, sorry Chris.

Check back again for future developments.

Tweet:The Movie Day 2

So, @street3 was given $50.00 last night. I told him to not blow it all, we need financing. He must have misunderstood what I meant by banking and went to the casino instead. By the way, the slot machine is not a piggy bank Carse. Only he and God know what happened to the money. So, another day and no closer to financing the movie. Maybe we need to open up for a round of private investors?

We still need a writer and what else? Technical Director, consultant? Who knows what else. @nippleliscious kindly leant us use of the word nippleliscious, for the whole Pr0n hook. That will undoubtedly attract attention. You know who you are.

I suppose the movie should have some kind of plot as well? Decisions abound…

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