Tweet the Movie: Day 3

So, things are progressing really well here at Casa De Tweet Movie. @pokerplasm is back (thank you Carmen Sandiego).Read more here.

@street3 is planning a 5 day traveling bender location scouting trip. We’re going to need places to film.

The money is coming along. @pokerplasm has a potential investor from Dubai and I was contacted out ofn the blue by someone on Twitter offering to help, thanks @morphius1375.  The board will have to vote on your addition to the team. That is once the board is officially formed. Speaking of which, welcome @JDvB to the team, as well as @lordschmindie as the Head Writer(should he accept our more than generous offer of profits/stock shares and all the beer he can drink(in an hour). That’s generous right? After all Carse asked for his own chickenmethlab trailer plus a budget for umm what he called local talent? I’m not sure what that means. We’ll have legal look into it (side note: hire a legal team). Like I said, running like a well lubed hooker err well oiled machine.

We’ve been kicking around plot ideas and titles. We’re not really close to having an answer on any of them. @JDvb just took on the mantle of Standards and Practices. We’re all sure she is the most qualified of the bunch for that office. We’re all pulling for her.

Some of the Title ideas thus far are(In no particular order)

Brokeback Donk: the story of @street3 and his male companion err friend and a seedy hotel room at WSOP.

Tango & Carse starring @street3 and @kingsteve: the story  about @street3 ‘s struggles to find a life, & @kingsteve ‘s love for fascists. its an intiguing plot. (ed note:I claim no responsibility for these titles or plots).

Some other ideas are @street3’ mom does everyone. Also form @chrishiter  “My gay pirate shirt doesn’t make me gay”

I don’t think we’ll use that, sorry Chris.

Check back again for future developments.


Tweet:The Movie Day 2

So, @street3 was given $50.00 last night. I told him to not blow it all, we need financing. He must have misunderstood what I meant by banking and went to the casino instead. By the way, the slot machine is not a piggy bank Carse. Only he and God know what happened to the money. So, another day and no closer to financing the movie. Maybe we need to open up for a round of private investors?

We still need a writer and what else? Technical Director, consultant? Who knows what else. @nippleliscious kindly leant us use of the word nippleliscious, for the whole Pr0n hook. That will undoubtedly attract attention. You know who you are.

I suppose the movie should have some kind of plot as well? Decisions abound…

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Tweet: the movie or…

How to not make a movie involving twitter.

Earlier today I was bitching making an informed comment on the need or lack thereof for a newer version of Nitemare on Elm Street. It is by far my favorite horror/scary movie of all time. Just enough gore to say eww and enough scare to piss your pants(almost).  It seems Hollywood has a predilection to remake, excuse me “reload” movies from my childhood/early adult years. What the fuck? Really? Why do we need this. There is a reason they are called classics, you assholes. Leave them alone already. All the people in the world and you assholes can’t come up with original movie ideas? Then get the fuck out of writing. Let some new blood in. Also, directing a music video does not qualify or entitle you to direct a movie. High school and college kids could do as well with the right budget, and in some case I’d say much better.

Anyway that was an unintended rant sidenote.   I was talking to @pokerplasm and he said “@igster101 gonna remake your tweet into a movie”. This started a whole chat based around said movie. I was offered the directing gig, but declined and instead accepted an Executive Producer credit. It was determined that @chrishiter would take on the role of casting as he has a bevy of bitches err talent waiting in his closet umm office.  @street3 would handle financing, until it was pointed out that people would not accept play money and or negative dollars. Then we thought maybe an IPO would help. @street3 chimed in in his usually drunk err brilliant way with  ipo/ponzi scheme and or bank robbery. The laast two were nixed due to legality issues.  @pokerplasm vetoed @street3 out and @chrishiter was to cast the deciding vote. I’m still not sure what his final answer was.

Now we need to decide who will write it, we can’t pay them with actual money, but they would be twitter famous which is almost as good, right?. Below, I will cut and paste actual answers for umm posterity reasons. Ok scratch that. There is no easy way I know of to import tweets here yet. I’ll work on it.

The crew so far

The crew so far

New FF/Wp/email plugin

So I came across a new plug in called Zemanta. This is another reason I love/hate Twitter. So many people share incredible links to amazing stuff. I now have more photoshop brushes than I could use in an entire lifetime. It seems more and more I’m discovering cool things through people I follow on twitter.

Went to Barnes &Nobles tonight. First time since hmm May I think. It’s the only place to find the Photoshop mags I read. While there I found several books on how and why to use Twitter. The book I was looking for is Trust Agents by @chrisbrogan they didn’t have it, at least not where I could find it. So I’ll have to look on Amazon. I have a birthday coming up I might just add it to my ever growing wishlist there.

Zemanta works seamlessly in the background and opens when you start a new blog post or email as far as I know, it works only with Firefox for now. One cool feature is, a box containing keywords, You click them and it auto adds the link for you. Very cool!! No more digging for links.

We’ll see how this works.

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why I love Twitter.

One of the people I follow on Twitter is Wendy Sullivan aka @rightgirl. She is brilliant, uncensored, unapologetic incredibly funny and well, yes hot as hell. She has been doing Topless Wednesday ™and No pants friday ™ for a long time now.

In honor of her I made my first foray into the seedy underside of Twitter and topless Wednesday™. You can see it here if you are brave enough. So far this has been one of my most retweeted tweets to date. I love my twitter friends.

Ideas Abound

(this is crossposted to my other blog here)

This is by no means a new or revolutionary idea. But, with the advent of Twitter, and other forms of almost 24/7 in your face Social Media or “Soc Med” sites I think the idea needs to be ramped up. Now more than ever, and here is why I believe it needs to be done.

With the economy in the worst shape ever(in recent times) and going further into the tank daily, many people are finding it hard to buy anything. Cash is in short supply and credit gets worse by the day. No more shopping for a lot of people. Unfortunately, you need a job to shop and you need decent work clothes to interview for a job. It’s a vicious cycle.

Many years ago, I saw a tv show where people were donating used work clothes ie; business attire to those that were not as fortunate, and in some cases to women that were entering or re-entering the work force after many years. Another take on this was local thrift stores or a charity would give the person a voucher for one business ensemble. I remember thinking what a great idea. So, with all the great places t network online and off, this is the perfect Soc Medidea. It helps those that need it, helps clean out your closets and as an added bonus it makes you feel good. Like second helping of a decadent dessert good, without the guilt or calories.

So my idea is this, to brainstorm with smart people online, the organizers and leaders and set up a day and time to have people donate their gently worn business clothing for both women and men. This can be skirts, ties shoes etc. Anything to help them dress the part. Once the clothing is gathered, sorted etc, we would get the word out to people in need. From the local shelters to just about anywhere.  Some of the clothing could be set aside and sold at a greatly reduced amount. The money could then in turn be collected for a charity to be decided upon later. It’s also possible a local hotel/convention center would be willing to donate free space for the cause. It makes them look good as well. Barring that there are a number of churches,synagogues etc in every town that has some kind of space set aside for meetings.

Eventually, this could be a nationwide thing. Look at the success of the of #twestivals  (twitter festivals) There was one in LA this past week that seemed to be wildly successful. So if it can work for that, why not for an idea like this? I’m open to positive suggestions. This is a snark,spam free zone.

weird dream redux

A few months ago I made a private post about whatc an be considered a weird sex dream. I posted it for 2 reasons, 1) it seemed cathartic and 2) to see if anyone could help me figure out what the hell it meant.

So last night/this am I had 2 weird dreams in a row. I woke up after the first 1 around 3 am. Then had the second between 6 and 7. I woke up a little after 7 am.

So when I got up I came downstairs and typed it up in a word type prgram. I didnt stop to edit it, so as to not forget anything or try and correct it. But rather, to just let all the thoughts as I recalled them fall onto the page as it were.

So, here it is in raw format. I’m open to any interpretations you may have. Just try to keep them on point. Thanks

here it is:

Really weird dreams.

I normally(as far as I know) dream only once a night. Last night I had 2.The more recent had to do with getting married again. Part of it dealt with getting married in some kind of quicky wedding. Also at one point my grandfather who’d been dead for a long time was discovered in one of the bathrooms(there were 4) by my son, who wasn’t alive in real life when my wife and I got married. Anyway, the wedding took place at some uber weird mall/country club combination. The inside was a very swank mall and outside was a beautiful park kind of setting. So things were progressing I was helping people get dressed. At one point we were running around trying to find matching clothes for my son. One pair of pants was too blue,the jacket too blue/black etc there was even a jean jacket? So someone, Im not sure who now was helping me find a replacement for this. I asked if it was ok to leave them and was told yes.. So, for some reason Im wandering around this mall thing, not ready for my own wedding. I was even wearing the clothes from the first wedding. I wish dreams came with a record button so others could see this place.

Im walking down the hallway (it is a hall isn’t it?) Anyway I was walking down towards the wedding area, to find out what I was wearing. All these people I didnt know were milling around, some were being lined up by my dad and some helpers.

At this point dad asked me why I wasn’t ready, so I told him no one had told me what I was wearing yet. Someone I didn’t know talked into his headset.(the guy looked like some kind of bouncer to me. I heard him ask what I was to wear and then my dad chimed in with “Don’t you have those black pleated pants(pulls on his pants to indicate pleats) I told him no, chelle didn’t tell me to pack them. Bouncer guy relays the info “Negative on the suit” I guess there was a lot of unhappiness on the other end.

By this point I’m really freaking out, the wedding is about to start and the groom isn’t dressed yet.

I think she meant it to be a joke(which I wasnt laughing at) “Fine, Gunther looks good I’ll just marry him”

Who the hell is Gunther? Do we even know a gunther? So, this pissed me off more than a little and I walked away from this crowded area.

Now the details start to get fuzzy. I’m walking along and think maybe there’s a Men’s store, it is a mall right? I’m walking and walking (“damn this mall goes on forever” and as I’m walking people are starting to clothes there stores. But, it’s only like 1:00 pm… Saying things like we’ll reopen on monday, and I’m seeing all these signs about some sale called black friday. By now I’ve made a complete circuit of the mall and I’m no closer to a solution as I approach the staging area again. It seems like most of the people are outside already.. well except for me anyway. Details get fuzzy again because I’m almost awake from my dream at this point. Something about I was going to go out as I was and thought better of it. I was still pissed about the whole Gunther thing and thought about running off. Then we were all in a room together, maybe a bar? I’m not sure now (really need a notebook next to my bed) and chelle and I are trying to talk. The all of a sudden some member of the wedding party comes in with a group of bridesmaids looking people in tow. He says something about he found the lost spelunking party. Chelle and I make up and she tells me she added some famous person(forget who now) to her facebook page and I should too.

That’s where the dream ended as I woke up.

Really weird shit I know. I’m sure there are details Ive left out, faces I can’t recall now of the people milling about in the crowd or even people I talked to.

Why were my kids there, well my son anyway? Why was my grandfather in the bathroom or left there dead? Why was there a remodeling crew redoing a bathroom with a dead body in it

The first dream took place in bayonne, in my grandparents old house. Jon Cryer, the guy from 2.5 men was in it and trying to kill himself?

At one point he shot at a gasline, but it only caught on fire and didn’t blow up. Again details are really fuzzy, he shot at it again and caught his clothes on fire but still wasn’t dying.. Then made me shoot him not sure how that happened. As if that weren’t enough someone else showed up that wanted to die as well. So now, Jon is bleeding from the gunshot wound. This other guy is talking about dying. Next thing I know Jon lowers the top ½ of the window and does a gainer out of it and onto the roof of the garage below. I don’t see it, but I hear the scream and wet splat. Before I can even move, the second person follows him out the window with a scream and a splat.

It’s funny, you get so pissed in a dream that when you wake up it carries over with you. I woke up mad at my wife this am. As I said, weird dreams.

So, am I crazy? Lol