Tweet the Movie: Day 5 continued

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So, we have a working title as was seen in our last report. Our staff is falling into place(and not because the’re drunk). The twit famous  @Heathershea (hairstylist to the stars) on twitter just joined our family. @Sh3n3rd(aka her nerdy hottiness) Mitsi also agreed at gunpoint willingly to offer tech support as needed. we’re talking a star studded staff here folks. As some of you may know, or can read here @pokerplasm, inc was caught up in an Estonian centered conspiracy. He has since worked with Interpol and possibly Carmen SanDiego to get his twitter account back. Goon on ya dude, glad to have you back.

Next up, our intrepid location scout @street3 should be filing a scouting report soon. He was believed to be in Kansas at last sighting. There may or may not have been KS State Police involved. Our legal team is sorting out the details as of this writing. We of course, wish on the best for Carse. Because we don’t have the money to bail him out don’t want anything untoward to happen to him.

As for @chrishiter, he is, I’m sure a consummate professional and will not do anything to tarnish our good name. He will be starting in Chi-town and then driving from city to city in an effort to bed screen potential starlets to appear in our feature length film. What girl wouldn’t jump at the chance to star alongside Carse and @kingsteve?

That should do it for this update. Check back soon for reports from @chrishiter and @street3.


Poll ended and Tweet the Movie day 4 &5

So, the polling has ended. Sorry @chrishiter, looks like Tango & Carse is the winner, if only marginally. Final cout was T&C 10 New Donk City 8 The next step is script/plot ideas. We need a vehicle worthy of @street3 ‘s ummm talents. On second thought, we should aim higher than that. How long would the movie be if it was him getting dqnk and striking out with crackwhores err asian hookers err  women and losing at the tables?  Sorry, that was @pokerplasm piping in there.

I promised a contest. We will begins accepting plot/script ideas. and one will be drunkenly umm selected after careful consideration on the part of our crack staff. One suggested prize was a 10.00 gift card from Amazon. I’m sure other things will be suggested,and no Carse, a 4 pack of Bud will not be acceptable. @JDvb at Standards and Practices will shoot that down, I’m sure. Needless to say, it will be something good.

It’s late and I will have an update early morning.

Tweet: the movie or…

How to not make a movie involving twitter.

Earlier today I was bitching making an informed comment on the need or lack thereof for a newer version of Nitemare on Elm Street. It is by far my favorite horror/scary movie of all time. Just enough gore to say eww and enough scare to piss your pants(almost).  It seems Hollywood has a predilection to remake, excuse me “reload” movies from my childhood/early adult years. What the fuck? Really? Why do we need this. There is a reason they are called classics, you assholes. Leave them alone already. All the people in the world and you assholes can’t come up with original movie ideas? Then get the fuck out of writing. Let some new blood in. Also, directing a music video does not qualify or entitle you to direct a movie. High school and college kids could do as well with the right budget, and in some case I’d say much better.

Anyway that was an unintended rant sidenote.   I was talking to @pokerplasm and he said “@igster101 gonna remake your tweet into a movie”. This started a whole chat based around said movie. I was offered the directing gig, but declined and instead accepted an Executive Producer credit. It was determined that @chrishiter would take on the role of casting as he has a bevy of bitches err talent waiting in his closet umm office.  @street3 would handle financing, until it was pointed out that people would not accept play money and or negative dollars. Then we thought maybe an IPO would help. @street3 chimed in in his usually drunk err brilliant way with  ipo/ponzi scheme and or bank robbery. The laast two were nixed due to legality issues.  @pokerplasm vetoed @street3 out and @chrishiter was to cast the deciding vote. I’m still not sure what his final answer was.

Now we need to decide who will write it, we can’t pay them with actual money, but they would be twitter famous which is almost as good, right?. Below, I will cut and paste actual answers for umm posterity reasons. Ok scratch that. There is no easy way I know of to import tweets here yet. I’ll work on it.

The crew so far

The crew so far